— Bringing Your Character To Life

Animation is about more than just making parts move.
It's about creating a story that is understandable by everyone.
It is creating a world in which characters live and where stories can be told.
With your help, we at Nopia build your worlds with your character
to tell YOUR story.

Nopia is a Character Studio
— let's bring our character to life.



We're 10!

Founded in 2010, Nopia is an animation, VFX, and mobile game studio based in Finland. Nopia's CEO and director, Teemu Erämaa, spent the early part of the 2000s working in London and LA for legendary production house The Mill.

In 2010, Erämaa moved back to Finland to found Nopia. In 2016, producer Felicia Prehn joined the team. Prehn is an ambassador for Women In Games, and is one of northern Europe's most-know game acessibility advocates. 

Nopia has had an action-packed decade filled with shipping games, creating innovative and memorable characters, adding VFX spice to film and TV, and creating interactive animations ranging from nostalgic pixel art to cinematic 3D.