HPL - Vuokratyöviikot

Advert for HPL - Henkilöstöpalveluyritysten Liitto.

Nopia worked with Staart to help bring HPL's message to life :

The idea of the campaign was to show the reality behind rental work. Rental work suits for hectic lifestyle and adds experience of many different areas - also one's true calling can be found through rental work as well.

At Nopia, we brought the heroine Elli alive after the art by Maroto Bambinomonkey. We then combined the 2d and 3d elements to get an efficient rig that suited the tight project timefrime.

Character concept development

HPL - vuokratyoviikot NOPIA character concept design

HPL - vuokratyoviikot NOPIA character concept designHPL - vuokratyöviikot character concept NOPIA