Alvin From Earth

An episodic community driven adventure

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"Alvin From Earth" follows the adventures of Alvin, our accidental protagonist. Alvin, in a case of mistaken identity, is chosen to represent the whole of planet Earth in front of the Humanity Council, a group of ancient humans responsible for the well-being of the entire human race across the known universe.

Alvin, an unimpressive, physically-weak millennial, must learn to coexist with four other human representatives from four other planets and complete various tasks and trainings designed by the Humanity Council to test the possibility of all human planets coming together after hundreds of thousands of years of isolation.

Alvin From Earth is our first title in a hybrid game/community interactive stories where the player community can decide what happens in the next episode - FOR REALS. The story is literally rewritten and animation created each week according to what the players and viewers choose.

The visual style is also a love letter to 90's point-n-click classics.

So anyone remembering games such as Monkey Island, Space Quest, Indiana Jones the Fate of Atlantis, Beneath a Steel Sky will definitely enjoy the ride. 

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The Beta test will hit the screens August the 2nd 2018!