ALEPA - Kulmilla

"Kulmilla" is a series of episodes for ad series for the well known Helsinki-based grocery chain Alepa.

The characters are actual products you can purchase from the store. They were created with Alepa's characteristics in mind : meet the "easy" Siponen, sensible Pirkko, cheap Sulo and friendly Iida - four roommates living the dream in Helsinki-city with the "local" Kössi as their neighbour whose entrances could be compared to the ones of Kramer from Seinfeld. The locations and events are depicted locally around Helsinki which gives a personal feel to the series.

The Episodes are animated using excessively Toon Boom Harmony, tea and coffee.

Check out the episodes below!


Episode 03 on Vimeo :

Alepa "Kulmilla" - Kisastudio from Nopia on Vimeo.