So what's this "Character Business" anyway?

Simply put : Because we humans relate to and connect with other alive entities, a well designed animated character representing your brand is just darn memorable!

Memorable and unique characters help distinguish your brand from your competitiors. Many brands have become more recognizable thanks to their spokescharacters. Also mascots can become part of a customer's life, with old commercials being viewed on the Internet purely for entertainment and nostalgia! The characters can even become products in their own right, with toys and merchandising. 

But there's more!

The challenge is that most of the time in marketing a spokescharacter is used merely as a visual mascot or as a one-liner. This is underestimating the audience. Instead you want to give content with a deeper personality.

Good examples are Old Spice's "Smell like a man, man" and the "Compare the Meerkats" from

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